Hospiletre Room (Hospital Room For Suicide Ideationeh. Pt. 1

Photo by Arjun Sharma on Unsplash
Photo by Haewon Oh on Unsplash
Photo by willy wo on Unsplash

But that’s besides the point. Point is ran to the bank vommited at least 3–4 times sitting by the trees went into the bank a voice said come here & it was a man aged 50 I’m guessing super nice guy. He talked to me and said your okay it’s only if you are -$50 that it starts to get a bit more intense. I’m like well I’m only $10 away from that. Wouldn’t matter. So I called my counselors none answered to me. Everyone was at that time. No blame. I’m busy here wanting to end my life. While most of my family is happy and well, While I’m thinking about killing my life. I’m honestly not mad at them — they were busy while they thought there kid was OKAY.

Photo by Osama Saeed on Unsplash



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Jacob Ruhl

Jacob Ruhl

18 yrs old dreaming to be successful and blog topics that I believe need to be heard in our world today, I’m a Christian and desire to help our world.