What You Need To Know About Depression, (this has the ability to save your life.)

Jacob Ruhl
7 min readSep 26, 2020

— I’ve dealt with depression for a long time and trying to beat it is not only miserable but draining.

Feeling like you lose every fight and not winning at a single thing in life is painful and hard. It’s hard to keep moving forward through the pain of feeling drained.

Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

Drained just showing up, showing up, showing up. Showing up only to recieve pain and chaos in your mind. And the worst part is no-body really recognizes it even though we are all fighting it in the exact same room.

Losing to the war and unfinished fights that wreak your internal being. Weakens you so much it takes the source of life out of your entire mind & body leaving you empty. But Iv’e learned one thing from this video right here that you need to watch: https://youtu.be/07VTv14AnMM And no it’s not an affiliate link to some random products or it’s not my own video. It’s from an amazing Pastor named Rich Wilkerson from VOUS Church. And you need to listen to this if your struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts. One of the things we quoted was “The one thing I know about emotions is that an hour from now you won’t feel the same.” And that hit me, it’s actually true too.

Remember that whenever you fight your depression or anxiety is that it won’t stay long. The next thing you need through your battle of depression is people. Other people are fighting the exact same thing that you are but some are actually fighting harder and know more ways to help themselves through depression. It’s in the human mind and to be able to access that knowledge you need to talk to people that have been through it.

This photo truly described what will and must happen when you talk to people is that sunset will be how you feel on the inside after you communicate with others. Your spirit will shine from them providing a spotlight in the darkness that you are holding onto alone.

And make sure to get a hold of those people’s phone numbers. Also don’t let COVID be an excuse to avoid this, there are studies that prove isolation is killing people! Get…

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